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PinkPals breast cancer support group continues today in memory of Lori and her deep commitment to help others going through their breast cancer journey.  Lori believed that it was by grace that we enjoy every day and with grit and determination that we keep moving forward.  She developed a simple focused pledge for the group.  

Pledge: "We are thankful for the care and support that we receive from each other.  May we have both GRACE and GRIT to live fully each and every day! "

"I wanted it to be something that is not just everyone going around saying what is bothering you, but let's make it a place where we can come for encouragement and joy - because so many times we need joy when you are chronically ill or terminally ill." - L. Love


"This group is an outlet for breast cancer survivors, and it is also a place where they can participate in social activities, receive educational opportunities and lend encouragement to others fighting the same disease." - L. Love


Lori believed that PinkPals was a mission with the goals to educate, encourage and empower women and men during their breast cancer journey.  PinkPals provides meetings, events and projects to achieve those goals with a foundation of joy for today and hope for tomorrow.  


We love sharing the inspirational stories of those in our community. If you have a powerful message or encouraging story you'd like to share, simply click the button below to get in touch. 

Your story matters and we are grateful for your courage to share your journey with us.



PinkPals was founded in the summer of 2017 by Lori Shaver Love. She was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in 2014 and noticed that there were few support groups in the Cabarrus County area.  She took it upon herself to start one with the support of her family, friends, and community associates.  

"Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a life-altering experience.  It is nice to relax with a group of friends that can relate to your situation."

- L. Love

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